Re-valuing fashion waste

into novel packaging
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Re-valuing fashion waste

into novel packaging material

A pack with a positive impact

Reusable e-commerce packaging made of recycled textile waste

It is a premium alternative to a cardboard with luxurious texture


A pack with a positive impact

Reusable e-commerce packaging made of recycled textile waste

It is a premium alternative to a cardboard with luxurious texture


-360 tons

of cardboard packaging trash

By reusing 100 000 pcs of Low imPACK packages for 20 times saves up to 360 tons worth of cardboard trash.

* Calculated per our S-size packaging


lower carbon footprint

Low imPACK production process does not require any water or chemicals, and has an average 50% lower CO2 footprint compared to cardboard process.

* Calculated per current local production process

-3720 tons

of discarded    textile waste

We could save 3720 tons worth of discarded textile waste if we substituted all the e-commerce orders with Low imPACK packages.

* Estonian e-commerce sector sent out over 12.4 mil packages in 2022 (Source)

our mission

To upvalue textile waste by replacing wood-based packaging with novel material
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Low imPACK has joined Tango platform

Tango is an e-commerce packaging return system for collecting back reusable packaging from the consumers.

Tango is currently operating only in Estonia.

After scanning the QR code on the package, the consumer has to drop the empty package to Tango’s return box.

Return boxes are located next to Smartpost Itella Estonia parcel lockers. Click here to see the return instruction.

Eco-friendly packaging complying with the Green Deal

Rigid protective structure

Premium appearance

Moisture-repellent surface

Easily foldable

Customisable with a logo

Reusable up to 20 times


Why to choose Low imPACK?

Reusable and recycable

Made from recycled textile waste

CO2 footprint -50% than for cardboard

No trees cut down, nor water used

Preceived luxury with excellent product protection


  • Shape-holding structure
  • High tear and crack resistance
  • Easily removable transportation labels


  • Luxurious hand feel
  • Distinctive texture
  • Comes in flat – saves storage space

Our services

Find the best packaging solution for your company:


Reusable packaging with return-logistics


Tailor-made packaging with branding

Our advantages:

Climate impact

  • Carbon footprint –50% less than for producing traditional corrugated cardboard box.

  • Dry manufacturing process – no water used.

  • No trees are being cut down.

Cardboard alternative

  • Upcycling under-valued waste that is otherwised incinerated or landfilled. 

  • Durable package that does not tear or crack.

  • Transport labels removed easily without damaging the package.

the story

  • Creating brand awareness by adopting an eco-friendly premium packaging.

  • Giving second life to discarded textile waste.

  • Repurposing the package.


One of the winners of Prototron Green 2022

Nominated for the Tartu Product of the Year 2022

Winner of the Creative Industries Pitching Award 2022


Behind every great story there is even greater team who wants to do great stuff for the greater good.

Low imPACK’s team consists of three ambitious women – Liis, Kaie, Mariann. 

We all have a background in fashion that we love, but we also have a big concern about its impact to the planet. Our mission is to reduce textile waste and find novel solutions for its usage.

Read more about our full story and how & why Low imPACK was founded.