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Reusable e-commerce packaging from textile waste



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A pack with a low impact

Low imPACK offers reusable e-commerce packaging made from recycled textile waste. Our packaging solution is a scalable alternative to a conventional cardboard box. It’s a novel solution for a better and a cleaner world.

our mission

TO REDUCE TEXTILE WASTE & disrupt single-use packaging industry with novel reusable products
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ONE-THIRD of the world's trash is generated by packaging

Source: Eurostat

3 BILLION TREES are being pulped annually by shipping industry

Source: Cepi


Discarded clothing in EU are 75% LANDFILLED

Annual textile waste in EU is 5.8 MILLION TONS


LESS THAN 1% of textile waste is diverted to fibre-to-fibre recycling

Customers are demanding an eco friendlier packaging, online stores are looking for less wasteful solutions and the single-use-throw-away linear system  N E E D S  T O  C H A N G E !

Low imPACK has a solution for it

Reusable e-commerce packaging from recycled textile waste

  • Rigid protective structure
  • Flexible, but holds its form
  • High compressive strength
  • Transport label-friendly
  • Easily foldable
  • Superior looking

Why choose Low imPACK?

Reusable up to 20x

Made from textile waste

CO2 footprint 72% less

NO water or chemicals used

NO trees cut down

Preceived luxury
with excellent product protection

  • Rigid protective structure
  • Flexible, but holds its form
  • High compressive strength
  • Water repellent
  • Easily foldable
  • Customizable

Low imPACK’s services:

Find the best packaging solution for your company:


Reusable protective packages with the logistics service to support the circularity.


Custom designed reusable packaging for your company. Custom designed reusable packaging for your company.

In-house logistics

Reusable packaging for internal orders and delivery. Reusable packaging for internal orders and delivery.

It’s an unboxing experience your customers would love to have.

Want to get a PACK for your company?


Receive early adapter’s fame while using novel solution & increase brand value with sustainable reusable product.

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Low imPACK’s advantages:

  • Reusable packages with effective return-system
  • Re-valueing raw material that is currently landfilled
  • Novel product that reduces single-used packaging
  • Enchancing brand value and uniqueness with superior-looking package

10 000 Low imPACK packages save:

Trees from being cut down

Times driving a car around the world

Passengers flying London - New York

EU household annual electricity

Elephants mass (5t) of CO2


One of the winners of Prototron Green 2022

Nominated for the Tartu Product of the Year 2022

Winner of the Creative Industries Pitching Award 2022


Behind every great story there is even greater team who wants to do great stuff for the greater good.

Low imPACK’s team consists of three ambitious women – Liis, Kaie, Mariann. Our story is kind of like “it was meant to be” – we all met at The Future of Fashion hackathon where Liis, our material scientist, already had a great idea (and a first prototype) for a package made of textile waste. She also met Mariann on the same day for the first time while doing a podcast and Kaie was one of the mentors in that hackathon.

We all have a background in fashion that we love, but we also have a big concern about its impact to the planet – for example the 3 of us have helped to produce more than 5.5 million pieces of clothing into the world, which according to the statistics unfortunately 75% has ended up in landfills, because we lack of technology and solutions…

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Glad you want to make changes in old-fashioned single-use linear system, reduce textile waste & packaging trash. The Earth will high-5 you.

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A pack with a low impact.


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Low imPACK’s material is developed together with TalTech – Laboratory of Polymers and Textile Technology