Superior alternative to a cardboard box

  • Perceived luxury with distinctive texture
  • Rigid and protective material that holds  well its shape
  • Excellent tear resistance, which enables to reuse the package again & again
  • Smooth surface from where the transportation labels come off easily
  • Comes in 5 different sizes, but has endless possibilities for customization

Choose the best package size for your e-shop

Low imPACK packages are suitable mostly for delivering clothing, cosmetics, books and lighter home goods or electronics.

Box Mini

170 x 90 x 66 mm

Best for cosmetics, body care and accessories

Box XS

225 x 170 x 80 mm

Best for cosmetics, light clothing and accessories

Box S

324 x 225 x 74 mm

Best for cosmetics, clothing and other goods

Box M

412 x 291 x 91 mm

Best for clothing and large cosmetic goods

TANGO collecting system

makes reusing easy & convenient

Tango return boxes are blue and next to Smartport Itella parcel lockers

Tango is an open platform providing technological and logistical service for reusable e-commerce packaging.

Low imPACK has joined Tango's platform to collect back the used packaging from the consumers.

The empty package shall be returned by scanning the QR code and dropping it to Tango's return box.

Tango's return boxes are located next to Smartpost Itella Estonia parcel terminals. Click here to see the current locations.