Rental PACK’s

Reusable and circular package with comfortable logistics service.

* Prices may vary depending on the size of the package. See the price list below.


  1. Choose the package (info below) that fits the best with your needs. 
  2. Pay rent per usage of the package. Prices start from 0.45 €/pc.
  3. Integrate a module whereby a consumer can choose Low imPACK’s package at check-out and pay the deposit. We provide the necessary instructions, content and photos.
  4. YOUR WINS: reduction of CO2, no excess duties for packaging.


  1. Buys a product from the online store and chooses Low imPACK’s package at check-out. Consumer pays a returnable deposit.
  2. Receives the product in Low imPACK’s package, scans the QR code on it and drops the empty package in the collecting box.
  3. The deposit is refunded once the package reaches our warehouse. The consumer can return the package within 30 days.
    NB! The deposit is not refunded when the consumer decides to keep the package (for gifting, storage, etc.)


  1. Is responsible for collecting and sorting of the packages.
  2. Re-distributing packages to online store. 

* Prices excluded VAT and transport.

We bring circularity to e-commerce!

255 collecting boxes

co-founded with Itella Smartpost & Ringo

1. Collecting boxes are located next to Smartpost’s parcel terminals. Click here to see their location.

2. Customer chooses Low imPACK at checkout of online store and pays a returnable deposit.

3. Customer receives the pack, scans the QR code, drops it to the collecting box, gets back the deposit.

4. Smartpost collects the packages across Estonia.

5. Low imPACK sorts, cleans & redistributes the packages to online seller.

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Glad you want to make changes in old-fashioned single-use linear system, reduce textile waste & packaging trash.

The Earth will high-5 you.

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