Rental PACKs

Reusable protective packages with the logistics service to support the circularity.

*Prices may vary depending of the size of the box.


  1. Choose boxes from 6 standard sizes that best fit your products.
  2. Pay rent for the usage of the package (similar to single-use packaging cost). Prices start from 0.45€ per PACK.
  3. Your wins: reduction of CO2 footprint, no exess duties for packaging.
  4. Integrate Low imPACK package option to your online store (we will provide instructions, content and photos).


  1. Chooses Low imPACK at the checkout and pays for returnable deposit.
  2. Receives the package, scans the QR code on it, drops it to the collecting box and receives back the deposit.
  3. Deposit won’t be returned, when the consumers decides to keep the package (for gifting, storage etc.)


  1. Collects, sorts and cleans the packages.
  2. Redistributes the correct number to the online store.

255 collecting boxes

co-founded with Itella Smartpost & Ringo

The very first collecting boxes for e-commerce packages in the whole world!

  • Covering all Estonia by March 2023
  • Located in easily accessible public places, e.g. shopping malls
  • Protected by bad weather & unwanted curious intruders (indoors)