Standard packages with reverse logistics


Tailor-made design with branding

How the rental system works

Online store

- Online store chooses the prefered size of the Low imPACK package(s)

- Online store pays a rent per usage of the package. Prices start from 0.50 €/pc.

- Online store integrates an e-shop module whereby a consumer can choose Low imPACK's package at check-out and pay the deposit fee.

- Low imPACK provides the necessary instructions for the module and the content.


- Consumer buys a product from the online store and chooses Low imPACK's package at checkout.

- Consumer pays a returnable deposit at checkout.

- When the order is delivered, the consumer scans the QR code on the empty pack and drops it to Tango collecting box, next to Smartpost Itella parcel machines.

 - Here are the locations of Tango return points

NB! Packages must be returned within 60 days.


Low imPACK

- Low imPACK is responsible for collecting and sorting the returned packages.

- Once we have collected the used packages we will refund the full deposit to the consumer.

- The packages will be re-distributed back to online store.

NB! The deposit is not refunded when the consumer decides to keep the package (for gifting, storage, etc.).

Regular Mini Regular XS Regular S Regular M Slim XS Slim S Slim M
Fefco code 0427 0427 0427 0427 0427 0427 0427
Size, mm (L, W, H) 170x90x66 225x170x80 324x225x74 412x291x91 193x156x40 353x250x45 400x350x50
MOQ. pcs 100 100 100 100 100 100 100
Price per usage* 0.50 € 0.70 € 0.90 € 1.70€ 0.70 € 0.90 € 1.50 €
Deposit 3.00 € 3.00 € 3.00 € 3.00 € 3.00 € 3.00 € 3.00 €


* Price per usage refers to renting the package for 1 usage. After we have collected back the reused packages, the same pricing occurs again.

Tango’s system for reverse logistics

Estonia is the first country in Europe to cover the whole country with 257 return stations, designated for collecting back reusable e-commerce packaging.


1. Peetri Selver
2. Tabasalu Rimi
3. Tallinna Arsenali center
4. Viimsi Kaubanduskeskus (Delice)
5. Tallinna Torupilli Selver
6. Tallinna Balti Jaama turg
7. Tallinna Kadaka Selver
8. Laagri Maksimarket
9. Tallinna Nõmme center
10. Tallinna Kristiine center 1. floor


1. Tartu Veeriku Selver
2. Tartu Vahi Selver
3. Tartu Rebase Rimi
4. Tartu Lõunakeskuse Rimi
5. Tartu Anne Prisma


* Prices may vary depending on the size, quantity and other special requests.

Superior-looking packs from textile production leftovers.

  • We offer premium custom-made packaging solution with excellent product protection.
  • Customized packaging will have Your brand logo on them 
  • Coming soon! We are working on the service that would help You to recycle Your own production waste via our recycling partners.


PRODUCT: Premium rigid boxes, shipping packages, gift boxes, coverings

DESIGN: Upon your needs and within our material's limits

BRANDING: Your company logo or other info printed on the pack

COLOUR: Dark grey melange

MOQ: 1000 pcs/size

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