Our core mission

To reduce the textile waste & re-value it in novel products

Why to choose Low imPACK?

-360 tons

of cardboard packaging trash

By reusing 100 000 pcs of Low imPACK packages for 20 times saves up to 360 tons worth of cardboard trash.

* Calculated per our S-size packaging


lower carbon footprint

Low imPACK production process does not require any water or chemicals, and has 72% lower carbon footprint compared to cardboard process.

* Calculated per current local production process

-3720 tons

of discarded    textile waste

We could save 3720 tons worth of discarded textile waste if we substituted all the e-commerce orders with Low imPACK packages.

* Estonian e-commerce sector sent out over 12.4 mil packages in 2022 (Source)

10 000 Low imPACK packages save*:


Trees for being cut down


Passengers flying London -New York 


EU household’s annual electricity need


Elephants mass (5t) of CO2

*Calculation is based on M-size packaging and is made with impact-forecast.com platform.