* Prices may vary depending on the size, quantity and other special requests.

Superior-looking packs from textile production leftovers.

  • We offer premium custom-made packaging solution with excellent product protection.
  • Customized packaging will have Your brand logo on them 
  • Coming soon! We are working on the service that would help You to recycle Your own production waste via our recycling partners.


PRODUCT: Premium rigid boxes, shipping packages, gift boxes, coverings

DESIGN: Upon your needs and within our material's limits

BRANDING: Your company logo or other info printed on the pack

COLOUR: Dark grey melange

MOQ: 1000 pcs/size

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  • Novel material with luxurious texture that tells a meaningful story
  • Engaging your clients with your brand via circular commitment


    1. Circulate the packages within your in-house logistics
    2. Use the packages for resale market (clothing rental, re-com, etc.)
    3. Create your own collect-back system with alluring perks (vouchers, coupons, free coffee, etc.)
    4. Tell your clients to reuse the package for storage, gifting, etc. 


Low imPACK packaging is made of recycled textile fibers, therefore they can be perfectly recycled along with other textile waste.

It goes beyond packaging: it is a compelling story simply about DOING GOOD!

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We are glad that you want to make changes in the old-fashioned single-use linear system, and reduce textile waste & packaging trash.

The Earth will high-5 you.

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